Salmon and asparagus brown rice pilaf recipe for an easy mid-week dinner

Our salmon and asparagus pilaf recipe is teeming with wellbeing benefits, making it ideal for a healthy midweek meal.

One tin prawn curry recipe with Brussels sprouts

Enjoy Brussels sprouts with a twist with this one tin prawn curry recipe.

Salmon and cucumber tartlets recipe

Perfect for picnics or gatherings with friends, our salmon and cucumber tartlets are sure to go down a treat.

Prawn and cucumber rice noodle stir fry recipe

Ready in a matter of minutes, our prawn stir fry recipe is ideal when you're looking for a healthy, quick meal.

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British smoked trout pâté recipe

Serve up a delicious starter or dip with this trout pâté recipe from the British Trout Association. Best enjoyed with crusty toasted sourdough.

Seafood pasta recipe

Who needs pizza when you can feast on this delicious seafood pasta recipe?