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Throughout 2024, Liz will be visiting bookshops and festivals across the country to talk all about her new book, A Better Second Half. If you’re interested in coming along and hearing more about how you can have a better second half and thrive, then click the link below for more information on how to get tickets.

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'Taking the reins of your health and happiness is the most important intervention you can make, and only you can make those positive changes. I want this book to inspire you and give to give you the confidence and tools to create a better second half where you don't just survive, you dial back the years so you can THRIVE' Liz x

Liz Earle is back in her new book to show us how to future-proof our health in midlife and beyond using evidence-based techniques, ideas and wisdom accumulated over her years of experience in the wellbeing arena.

Midlife women are often hit the hardest of all health-wise, sandwiched between bringing up our families, juggling work and caring for ailing parents, and it’s all too easy to lose sight of ourselves. But whatever stage or age you are, there are many ways to take back control of your health – physical, mental and emotional – and make yourself a priority rather than bottom of the to-do list.

Sorting the fads from the fiction in wellbeing, Liz is on a mission with her empowering new book A BETTER SECOND HALF.

Part a retrospective of her life and part a brilliant, distillation of self-help, Liz puts forward what we need to do to live and age well through midlife and beyond.

Never shy of making her body a testing lab for new discoveries, Liz shares important information on the gut-brain axis, nutri-genomics, the efficacy of high-intensity weight training, the pros and cons of low-carb diets, biohacking techniques and much, much more.

Don’t just survive – dial back the years and THRIVE

This is Liz’s practical guide on how to head into our second halves so that we don’t just survive – we thrive. Pre-order your copy now to begin your journey in making positive changes for your future health and happiness.

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