Watch Healthy Living at Home with Liz Earle

Discover the world of wellbeing and watch Liz on ITV’s This Morning with her latest series, Healthy Living at Home with Liz Earle.
Join Liz from her farm in the West Country as she shares some of her best wellbeing tips for living healthy and well at home.
With seasonal inspiration, delicious recipes and beauty DIYs, Liz will explain the simple tips and tricks you can do at home to support your wellbeing.
Watch the first episode on Wednesday 7 October 2020. See This Morning on ITV from 10am to watch live, or catch up on ITV Player.

Healthy Living at Home with Liz Earle

Episode three 21 Oct 2020

Episode three of Healthy Living at Home with Liz Earle sees Liz dive into the wellbeing world of greens. Watch as she makes a delicious green juice, and cooks up a tempting mix of garlic and ginger with greens. Liz also shares her thoughts on organic gardening and how we can start growing our own vegetables at home.

Episode two 13 Oct 2020

In the second episode of Healthy Living at Home with Liz Earle, Liz shows you how to use honey to help you look and feel good at home. Honey has a number of skin-friendly benefits, and Liz shows you how to make an easy soothing face mask at home.

Episode one 7 Oct 2020

elderberry skin toner
In the first episode, Liz shares some of her favourite ways to enjoy the gorgeous berries of the season. Discover how to make the most of these bejeweled beauties, including elderberries and blackberries, in recipes and beauty treatments. Feeling inspired? Find out how to make your own cold-busting elderberry syrup here, or blend blackberries in our delicious kefir smoothie recipe here.
Pic right: Elderberries used in elderberry syrup recipe. When foraging, the berries will hang towards the ground in clusters of 50-100 berries at a time, hanging from red-tinged stalks.

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