Liz loves sleep

Many of us struggle to get a good night’s sleep. Not only does this make us feel low the next day but it’s also been linked to a number of health conditions. Setting a nightly ritual really helps. Liz shares hers here, with a few of her best sleep products that she personally uses to ensure better quality sleep. It really does make the world of difference!

Sleep in style

Look for nightwear that is extremely soft and comfortable, with temperature-regulating properties. Modal blends are a good option for PJs, as the material is supremely soft, breathable and helps keep us cool in the summer and warm in winter. It also has good sustainability credentials. Here are a few of Liz’s favourites:

The comfiest pillow

When it comes to choosing the best sleep products, pay special attention to your pillow. Liz finds that a moulded Tempur-style pillow is the most comfortable and provides excellent neck support to aid better sleep.  Encase it with a silk pillowcase – not only incredibly smooth and comforting to lay your head, on but with the added beauty benefits of reducing sleep lines and wrinkles. Silk also allows your hair and skin to glide over the pillow. This means no more frizzy ‘bed head’ or facial creases when you wake up. Holistic Silk and Nice Cream are two of Liz’s favourite silk companies. Enjoy 10% off your shop at both Holistic Silk and Nice Cream using the code LIZLOVES at checkout.

Calm your mind

Keep calm and wind down with the scent of lavender. Simply sprinkle a few drops of essential lavender oil onto your pillow.

Liz has recently discovered the amazing female-founded brand, Life Armour. Life Armour creates supplements made with 100% natural ingredients that work in harmony with your body to restore vitality and health. Liz love taking Life Armour’s Drops of Slumber before bedtime. These drops help to ease you into a deep, long and restorative sleep without any feelings of drowsiness the next day. Enjoy a 15% discount on all Life Armour products using the code LIZLOVES at checkout.

Treat your skin

Popping a rich skin balm onto your hands is ideal at bedtime as it has a chance to really soak in and rehydrate your hands. Liz loves this beautiful balm from Isla Apothecary . Enjoy 15% off at Isla Apothecary with the code LIZLOVES at checkout.

Block sound and light

If, like Liz, you’re a light sleeper and sensitive to sound, these soft silicone ear plugs come highly recommended. They’re comfortable to lie on and give you a very quiet, peaceful night’s sleep (don’t panic, you’ll still hear your alarm go off!).

Sleeping in a fully darkened room is also important. Installing blackout blinds in your bedroom or using a silk eye mask can help you to fully switch off. The mask is especially useful when travelling or sleeping away from home. Liz’s favourite is made from pure silk so as not to mess up hair or leave creases on the skin. Silk also helps skin to stay hydrated as it won’t absorb face creams. Liz has this mask from Nice Cream, which can even be personalised with your name. Don’t forget to use LIZLOVES at checkout for 10% off.

Protect your jaw

Last but not least, if you’re a night grinder and get pain in your jaw, you’ll definitely benefit from a night guard to prevent tooth clenching. Liz has spent many years researching and trialling a number of different bite guards. She has found this simple, inexpensive and discrete style from DenTek to be one of the best sleep products.

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