Eat to beat disease in midlife, with Aaron Deere

Nutritionist Aaron Deere joins Liz on this podcast to set the record straight with simple and effective advice for eating well in midlife to help you age well, lose weight and feel great.

The benefits of omega-3 fatty acids for women during menopause

As we enter midlife, looking for ways to support healthy ageing becomes increasingly important. Omega-3 fatty acids can serve as a powerful ally.

What your sex life might be missing, with Charlene Douglas

Psychodynamic and psychosexual therapist Charlene Douglas joins Liz on this podcast to reveal why we’re so afraid about seeking help for our sex lives.

Inside Park Igls Medical Spa Resort: “I left lighter in every sense”

Transform body and mind with a traditional, gut-friendly Mayr detox at Park Igls Medical Spa Resort, Austria.

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