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Romantic meal ideas for Valentine’s Day

Decided to create a special Valentine’s Day at home? A night in for two can be incredibly romantic, especially with our delicious meal ideas. Celebrate with your loved one and craft a special menu that the two of you will love.

We’ve picked out some of our favourite recipes to help you create your own three-course menu from the comfort of your own home.

The only missing ingredient is a big old dash of love – enjoy! 


Get your evening off to a fine start with our selection of romantic meal ideas for starters.

For something truly indulgent, our watercress, gruyere cheese and walnut souffle is well worth a try. It’ll look impressive on your table and also provide a good daily dose of vitamin C from the watercress.

For a slightly lighter and less cheesy choice, our cauliflower and butterbean cocktail offers a fun vegetarian twist on the prawn cocktail classic. Serve with scattered rose petals for an extra touch of romance.

Plus, if you and your loved one are fans of Italian, you’ll love our bruschetta recipe. With ripe, fresh tomatoes and tangy balsamic vinegar, bruschetta pomodoro is a wonderfully light starter. This recipe contains only a handful of ingredients, giving you more time to live la dolce vita!

Main course

For the main event, lobster can be truly special for a Valentine’s celebration. We headed to Outlaw’s Fish Kitchen in Port Isaac to sample this delicious lobster recipe from head chef Tim Barnes. Pair with a chilled glass of Albariño for a fish supper like no other.

Meanwhile, if it’s comfort food that you’re after, do give our Portobello mushroom and parmesan polenta recipe a try. Piled onto a mound of buttery, cheesy polenta and topped with crispy shallots, these silky mushrooms are as impressive as they are flavoursome. Your loved one will find it hard to resist!

Often a simple pasta dish can work wonders for romance (just ask the Lady and the Tramp). Our homemade tagliatelle with pistachio pesto uses simple fresh ingredients for a light main, while our sausage and fennel ragu with homemade pasta is a comforting, flavoursome dish. Made with plenty of garlic, olive oil, fresh tomatoes and basil leaves, it’s best enjoyed with good company and a glass of red!  


Finish off your evening with our zingy and light gingernut lime pie. Hailing from the sunny shores of Kenya, this refreshing recipe uses a base made from gingernut biscuits for a twist on the Key Lime Pie classic.

For something a little richer, indulge in our gut-friendly dark chocolate and cardamom mousse. This delicious and fluffy sweet treat is made from quality dark chocolate, giving you a wellbeing boost of important minerals including iron, copper and magnesium.

And finally, for sheer indulgence and romance, dive into our Peruvian dulce de leche suspiro recipe. This deliciously creamy dessert is topped with lime and grated chocolate meringue for a taste sensation all the way from South America.

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