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Liz Loves: The best makeup products

Freshen up your look with some of the best makeup products that Liz Earle loves to use at home. Here, Liz talks you through some of her favourite makeup styles and the products she uses to achieve her signature look.

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Liz’s favourite makeup brands

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Beauty Pie is a subscription-based service that saves you money on luxury and high quality products sold at cost price – in some cases up to 80%. Liz especially loves the Retinol and Supercheek. When using the LIZLOVES offer on the PLUS annual membership, customers will get their annual membership for just £49 (instead of £59), working out at less than £5 a month!

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20% off Delilah Cosmetics

Elegant, understated, quintessentially British – this is the essence of the Delilah brand. Easy to wear formulas and high-pigment results, Delilah makeup products are one of Liz’s favourites.

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20% off Studio10

Studio10 is pro-age beauty, developed 100% by women for women. Founded by Grace Fodo, Studio10 uses the best skincare ingredients and are easy to use.

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Liz’s routine using her pick of the best makeup products

Before we dive into Liz Earle’s best makeup products at home, this magnifying mirror is one that’s really handy to have on the dressing table. You can easily adjust the angle of the mirror to a comfortable position. It also has a fantastic magnifying effect, making applying eye makeup and tweezing brows a breeze!

Prepare your skin

Prepping your skin before applying makeup is a must. Liz loves to use the Jeju Stem Cell Moisture Shot Serum by BEAUTY PIE to give skin an extra moisture boost. Use the code LIZLOVES at BEAUTY PIE for your first month free.

If you’ve been following Liz for a while, you’ll know she’s a big fan of both rose and neroli. This gorgeous Rose and Neroli mist from Odacite is perfect for spritzing on before applying makeup for a fresh and dewy look.

The perfect base


Apply an even base with your foundation. Having a selection of different foundations will help to match your skin tone as it changes throughout the year. Liz loves to use Yves Saint Laurent’s Touche Éclat Le Teint Foundation and Chanel’s Vitalumière Satin Smoothing Fluid Makeup. She also loves the Time Frame foundation from Delilah. Use LIZLOVES for 20% off.

Blend your foundation with a little primer – Liz loves Nude Radiance from Burberry – before applying to your face. Work this well into the skin, sweeping over your eyelids, up into the hairline and a little down the neck.


A creamy concealer can help to brighten any dark circles under your eyes. Liz especially likes to apply concealer in the corner of her eye socket, by the bridge of the nose. She finds Clarins Instant Concealer and IT Bye Bye Undereye most effective. Both last all day, without drying or caking.

Add structure and glow


Bring colour to your face with a touch of rouge! Smiling can help to find the apples of your cheeks. Then simply add a few spots of blush and works upwards into the skin for a fresh glow. These are a few of Liz’s favourite blushes:


Once your foundation, concealer and blusher are in place, set your look with a light dusting of translucent face powder. Liz has used Laura Mercier Loose Setting Powder for years and considers it to be one of the best, especially when applied with Laura Mercier’s luxurious powder brush.


Bronzer is a great way to add definition. Liz recommends this pallet by St Tropez. Use a sturdy powder brush and gently brush into cheeks and under the jawline to create the illusion of shadow.
To finish, lightly sweep warming illuminator over your cheekbones and temples. Liz loves this one from Laura Mercier, which gives a lovely, naturally warm finish.

Make your eyes pop


Keep things natural by using soft brown eyeshadows, in a matte finish. Liz loves these matte eyeshadow shades from BEAUTY PIE and Mac’s matte eyeshadow in the shade, Wedge.


Highlight the waterline of your upper eyelids with a soft but long-lasting liquid kohl pencil. Charlotte Tilbury is one of the very best. It’s a great shade of soft minky black that sharpens easily and can be used as an eyeshadow too.


Finish your look with a generous lashing of mascara. IT Cosmetic’s Tightline 3 in 1 mascara is ideal for prepping your lashes. Wiggle into the lash line to separate and define your lashes, while depositing a little colour. Follow with Clinique Lash Power Mascara.


Watch Liz’s video below where she shares the simple tricks and tips she uses to make her eye area appear lifted and brows thicker.

Products used in the video

Add colour to your lips

Complete your look with a flash of lip gloss and a little colour. Liz always favours the natural look – these are her best makeup products for creating a moisturised, youthful and glossy lip.

Liz’s updated favourite flawless foundation base

Liz has discovered some beautiful new make up brands and products that help create a flawless base for your skin so we’ve put together a list that’s easy for you to follow!

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