Liz Loves: Exclusive discount codes

Seen an item of Liz’s that you just have to have? Discover Liz’s personal favourites with Liz Loves, a collection of things that Liz just, well, loves! Discover exclusive discount codes and shop the products that Liz Loves – click on the separate links to see each article in more detail.

Exclusive discount codes with Liz Loves

15% off Agua de Madre

Naturally sparkling low alcohol water kefir. A natural route to better gut health. Spreading the love of live cultures. Vegan. Organic. Naturally Fermented.

Use LIZLOVES for 15% off at Agua de Madre

10% off your first order at Altrient C

Studies are increasingly showing that high doses of vitamin C are very effective in fighting off viruses. Recently, Liz has been taking Altrient’s liposomal vitamin C. This has been proven to provide higher rates of absorption than other forms.

Use LIZLOVES for 10% off your first order at Altrient C

Free P&P at Aspiga

Aspiga makes beautiful, quality, handmade goods from artisan crafters to an international customer base.

Use LIZLOVES for free P&P at Aspiga

15% off at Asquith

Asquith create beautiful clothes that are perfect for working out in or relaxing at home.

Use LIZLOVES for 15% off at Asquith

£21 off first order at Balance Box

It can be really challenging to live a healthy, balanced lifestyle. Designed by foodies, we do the hard work so you don’t have to. Each box contains breakfast, lunch, dinner and 2 snacks per day – you really won’t need to go near the shops! No need to plan, shop or chop!

Use LIZLOVES for £21 off your first order

15% off at Baukjen

The London-based contemporary womenswear brand eschews fast fashion, instead putting people and the planet at the heart of everything it does. The collections are created using an ethical supply chain, and the brand is environmentally and socially conscious in all that it does.

Use LIZLOVES15 for 15% off at Baukjen

Your first month free at Beauty Pie

Beauty Pie is a subscription-based service that saves you money on luxury and high quality products – in some cases up to 80%. Liz especially loves the Retinol and Supercheek.

Use LIZLOVES for your first month free at Beauty Pie

15% off at BetterYou

Better You creates supplements to support your wellbeing – from handy vitamin oral sprays to soothing skincare. Liz especially loves their Vitamin D spray 3000IU, B12 spray, Magnesium Body Butter and Magnesium Bath Flakes.

Use LIZLOVES for 15% off at BetterYou

15% off Bimuno

Bimuno is a brand that offers supplements to nurture and encourage the good bacteria in your gut.

Use LIZLOVES for 15% off single and triple packs at Bimuno

10% off at Cell Return

CELLRETURN is an LED face mask with an incredibly powerful, yet gentle NASA-derived LED and NIR technology. This mask is able to penetrate 12 times more deeply into the skin than LED light alone, making it by far the most powerful (yet also very safe) LED face mask available today.

Use LIZLOVES for 10% off at Cell Return

20% off Delilah Cosmetics

Elegant, understated, quintessentially British – this is the essence of the Delilah brand. Easy to wear formulas and high-pigment results, Delilah makeup products are one of Liz’s favourites.

Use LIZLOVES for 20% off at Delilah

10% off Detox Kitchen

Freshly prepared, delicious, healthy meal plans, fridge fills & veg boxes delivered to your door.

Use LIZLOVES for 10% off at Detox Kitchen

20% off Dr Lipp

Dr Lipp creates hydrating lip balms that are GMO Free, with a 100% natural, flavour and fragrance. Liz especially loves their lip tint!

Use LIZLOVES for 20% off at Dr Lipp

10% off at Firetree Chocolate

The chocolate produced by Firetree is of premium quality with a rich cocoa content, providing that delicious chocolate hit without any hidden nasties and overloading on sugar.

Use LIZLOVES for 10% off at Firetree

Freshly Fermented Gut Box

Working with Freshly Fermented, Liz has carefully curated the Liz Earle Wellbeing Good Gut Box to help you discover just how easy (and delicious!) fermented foods are to add into our daily diets.

“With these six organic starters, you’ll be able to make some of my all-time favourite farm ferments, packed with natural probiotics, to help populate your gut with beneficial bacteria and reap the myriad health and wellbeing benefits that come from having a healthier gut.”

Find out more about Freshly Fermented

10% off at The Fresh Flower Company

The Fresh Flower Company source the finest seasonal flowers from British growers to create gorgeous bouquets. Enjoy beautiful blooms brightening up your home all year round.

Use LIZLOVES for 10% off at The Fresh Flower Company

10% off at Forest London

 The team at Forest hand pick easy-to-care-for plants, helping you bring the outdoors into your home.

Use LIZLOVES for 10% off at Forest London

10% off with The Governor Extra Virgin Olive Oil

The Governor is a tried-and-trusted family brand of EVOO and one of Liz’s favourites.

Use LIZLOVES for 10% off at The Governor Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Liz Earle Wellbeing Shot box with The Healthy Juice Company

We’re so excited to launch our collaboration with The Healthy Juice Company. The Liz Earle Wellbeing Shot Box is a carefully curated collection of immune-supporting and gut-friendly juices and supplements. Choose from a one- or three-day option!

Find out more about The Healthy Juice Company

20% off Haskapa

Haskapa make a delicious antioxidant + anthocyanin rich berry powder to help support your immune system.

Use LIZLOVES for 20% off at Haskapa

10% off with Holistic Silk

Holistic Silk creates beautiful silk products – from eye masks to hair turbans – that support your wellbeing. Liz especially loves the silk face masks by Holistic Silk.

Use LIZLOVES for 10% off at Holistic Silk

15% off Indeora

Indeora is a healthy magnesium deodorant scented with natural coconut and vanilla oils, is never tested on animals and is made in Ireland to the strictest manufacturing standards.

Use LIZLOVES for 15% off at Indeora

15% off Ingenious Beauty

Using multi-award winning technology that protects collagen making it 15 x more effective, Ingenious Beauty works in harmony with your body for visibly younger looking skin, every day.

Use LIZLOVES for 15% off Ingenious Beauty

11% off InStepp

Discover how to activate, tone and strengthen your whole body from the comfort of your home and garden with Instepp. All you need is the Instepp resistance band to get started!

Use LIZLOVES for 11% off at InStepp

15% off at ishga skincare

Discover a range of beauty products that harness the natural anti-oxidants, healing and anti-ageing properties of Scottish seaweed with the products from ishga skincare.

Use LIZLOVES for 15% off at ishga

20% off Josh Wood until the end of March

The world leading colour expert who is called on by celebrities, designers and his Atelier clients, for his genius with hair colour!

Use LIZLOVES for 20% off at Josh Wood until the end of March

10% off with Lavender Hill Clothing

Lavender Hill is a clothing company that’s passionate about the traceability of its items, including where the materials are sourced and how they’re made.

Use LIZLOVES for 10% off at Lavender Hill Clothing

15% off at LBB Skincare

LBB Skincare creates quality and streamlined skincare for women on the go. Find out more about this brand in our interview with the founder here. Liz especially loves the A-Game Hydration Balm.

Use LIZLOVES for 15% off at LBB Skincare

10% off Leapfrog Remedies

Leapfrog formula is a combination of natural lactoferrin, zinc and vitamin C – scientifically proven ingredients to help power you through the daily grind. If you’re stressed, not sleeping, run down or not eating properly, your body’s lactoferrin can be depleted. This is when Leapfrog springs into action.

Use LIZLOVES for 10% off at Leapfrog Remedies

20% off Legology

Give your legs a pamper with Legology. Liz loves the elegant signature scent for Legology – something that evokes holidays and makes you feel carefree, confident and full of positive energy from the feet up.

Use LIZLOVES for 20% off at Legology

15% off Libby Ballard Ceramics

The coast has always been a huge influence on Libby’s ceramic work, she designs a stunning selection of mugs, jars, plates and even pet bowls. All of Libby’s products are made from a flecked Stoneware Clay that is mixed from a blend of two different clays that are individually hand thrown on the potter’s wheel.

Use LIZLOVES for 15% off at Libby Ballard Ceramics

15% off at Life Armour

Life Armour is a brand that creates products from natural ingredients to promote your wellbeing. Liz especially loves the slumber drops, the balance drops and the Super Me Capsules.

Use LIZLOVES for 15% off at Armour

15% off Lifecode GX

Lifecode Gx® is a personal health company, applying the latest genomics science to enable a preventative, proactive and personalised approach to health. They offer a range of specialist nutrigenomics DNA test panels that inform how inherited health risks can be mitigated through personalised nutrition and lifestyle change.

Use LIZLOVES for 15% off at Lifecode GX

10% off at Mandarina Shoes

Mandarina Shoes has – literally – established a foothold as one of the UK’s foremost high-end designer shoe brands. Caroline works with all kinds of exotic textiles including home grown Harris Tweed as well as lustrous velvets, printed linens, toiles, silk brocades, cotton twill, and vibrantly dyed suedes. 

Use LIZLOVES for 10% off at Mandarina Shoes 

10% off at Mighty Brew

Mighty Brew, is a kombucha that is handmade in a micro-brewery using cold-processing methods. This ensures the goodness remains within the kombucha, which comes in a variety of flavours including jasmine, hemp, sencha and – Liz’s favourite – lemongrass.

10% with every order using code LIZLOVES

20% off Microbz

Microbz make bio live cultures, also known as probiotics, for your health, home, garden and animals. All products are 100% natural and chemical free. Probiotics support beneficial microbes and restore that balance. Liz recommends the 90 day gut reboot.

Use LIZLOVES for 10% off at Microbz

20% off at The Naked Pharmacy

The Naked Pharmacy is a brand that offers natural remedies and supplements to support your wellbeing. Liz especially loves the Saffrosun with Marine minerals and the Saffrosun for Children.

Use LIZLOVES for 20% off at The Naked Pharmacy

10% off Nature Doc Shop (Hay Fever Products)

Lucinda Miller is a Naturopath, Iridologist, Herbalist & Functional Medicine Practitioner, Lucinda takes a scientific and holistic approach to identifying health problems, using laboratory testing and gentle, natural interventions to provide solutions. 

Use LIZLOVES for 10% off all Hay Fever Products at Nature Doc Shop

20% off New Ground Coffee

New Ground Coffee is a brand is where expertly crafted coffee meets social responsibility. New Ground Coffee ethically sources high-grade coffee, carefully selected from small-scale farms around the world. The brand uses the business to create work and training opportunities for ex-offenders across the UK.

Use LIZLOVES for 20% off at New Ground Coffee

15% off Nourish Kefir

Nourish Kefir is a live cultured milk drink. It’s a long-standing favourite of Liz’s and is bursting with billions of naturally occurring live bacteria that develop and multiply during the fermentation process. Liz especially loves the starter cultures.

Use LIZLOVES for 15% off at Nourish Kefir

10% off OKA

OKA offers exquisite, unique collections of furniture and accessories designed to inspire practical living and effortless entertaining. Enjoy 10% off using code LIZLOVES. Liz is a huge fan of their artificial flowers.

Use LIZLOVES for 10% off at OKA

15% off Organic Savanna

Organic Savanna is an impact driven skincare brand with a mission to empower people. These products are creating jobs for women in the local community – 100% of the profits are reinvested for social good. Organic Savanna fund holistic community impact schemes including education programs for children, vocational training for adults and raising environmental awareness.

Use LIZLOVES for 15% off at Organic Savanna

15% off Ruby Hammer

With a career in the beauty industry spanning over 25 years, Ruby has become one of the best-known, loved and respected makeup artists in the business. Using her experience and passion for beauty and wellbeing, she has developed an ever-evolving range of beauty must-haves to enhance your beauty regime. Liz especially loves the nail kit and precision eye liner.

Use LIZLOVES for 15% off at Ruby Hammer

10% off Russell and Atwell

After thousands of products tasted, hundreds of design iterations, tens of brand names, a handful of really helpful partners – three delicious fresh & chilled  chocolates are being launched by two chocolatiers, during one all-consuming global pandemic. Deliver nationwide.

Use LIZLOVES for 10% off Russell and Atwell

10% off Salcombe Dairy

Salcombe Dairy sources organic, fairly traded cacao from the Peruvian rainforest. The team then add natural, local ingredients from Salcombe where possible to make award-winning chocolate. Enjoy a 10% discount using code LIZLOVES.

Use LIZLOVES for 10% off at Salcombe Dairy 

10% off Sansom Reed

Sansom Reed is a boutique for those who hope to be inspired, and enjoy for a long time the pieces they buy. Liz especially loves Annie’s gorgeous headbands.

Find out more about Sansom Reed

15% off Sian Esther

Siân Esther is as a British pyjama brand that provides women with effortless and elegant nightwear. The capsule collection is designed in the UK and inspired by Sian’s ethos of fewer, better quality pieces. Liz especially loves the Blue Velvet Set.

15% off Strong Nutrients

Strong Nutrients uses 100% natural formulas designed for muscle recovery and strength, increased stamina and energy, and accelerated fat burning and body sculpting. Liz especially loves their Protein Powders, Creatine and Amino Slim.

Use LIZLOVES for 15% off at Strong Nutrients

20% off Studio10

Studio10 is pro-age beauty, developed 100% by women for women. Founded by Grace Fodo, Studio10 uses the best skincare ingredients and are easy to use.

Use LIZLOVES for 20% off at Studio10

15% off Sugar Coated Beauty

Sugar Coated is the brainchild of Rosie Khandwala and creates hair removal products using sugar wax.

Use LIZLOVES for 15% off at Sugar Coated Beauty

10% off Total Wardrobe Care

Total Wardrobe Care’s products have been developed to keep your wardrobe beautifully fresh, fragrant and moth-free. By combining eight essential all-natural ingredients, the beautiful, sustainable and fragrant anti-moth products are the perfect, aromatic necessity for your wardrobe. Liz especially loves the Moth Box and Chrysanthemum Spray.

Use LIZLOVES for 10% off at Total Wardrobe Care

10% off at The Travelwrap Company

The Travelwrap Company is a much-loved British brand that designs cashmere knitted wraps. These luxurious wraps are perfect for snuggling yourself up in on chilly days and are also ideal for travelling with on long journeys.

Use LIZLOVES for 10% off at The Travelwrap Company

10% off at True Grace

Enjoy filling your home with fragrance and even making your own candles with True Grace. This brand creates gorgeous candles, diffusers and room sprays, inspired by the natural fragrances of the great outdoors. Liz especially loves the Home Candle Workshop.

Use LIZLOVES for 10% off at True Grace

20% off Youth and Earth

Youth & Earth supplements are for those who want great health, energy & vitality. Cutting edge supplements to help you maintain a great quality of life as you grow older. Liz is especially a fan of their Liposomal Glutathione.

Use LIZLOVES for 20% off Youth and Earth

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