Healthy fats, weight loss and ‘reversing’ diabetes, with Eric Edmeades

Serial entrepreneur and Wild Fit founder, Eric Edmeades joins Liz on this podcast to share why we need to change our approach to type 2 diabetes - along with the practical changes needed to reverse it.

Is mould sabotaging your health? – with Dr John Kim

Functional medicine pharmacist Dr John Kim joins Liz on this podcast to take a deep dive into the impacts mould may be having on our health.

Reduce your risk of Alzheimer’s disease, with Patrick Holford

Liz sat down to chat with Patrick Holford, founder of the Institute for Optimum Nutrition, to learn how we can reduce our risk of Alzheimer's disease for our latest podcast.

What are your dreams trying to tell you? – with Dr Rahul Jandial

Dr Rahul Jandial joins Liz on this podcast to reveal what your dreams are really trying to tell you.

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