The pill, HRT and medical gaslighting, with Kate Muir

Have you ever used some form of hormonal contraception? Kate Muir, documentary maker, investigative journalist and women’s health expert, joins Liz on this podcast to share what the contraceptive pill is really doing to our health – from our sex drive to our mood.

Inside this episode, Kate shares what prompted her concerns about the pill, and why more attention should be paid to the synthetic hormones commonly used in this type of contraception – just like the push for body identical HRT (hormone replacement therapy) for midlife women.

Liz and Kate discuss the mental health outcomes of female contraceptives such as the pill, the coil and the injection, plus talk through why women don’t actually need to take a break from their contraception for a bleed (despite being told otherwise!).

Stream the episode below, or download the recording via Apple Podcasts or Spotify.

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