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Calming essential oils to help you relax

Calming essential oils can be an inexpensive way to find a little peace in your day. Whether you’re spritzing them on a pillow or using them in a facial steam, there are a huge number of oils we can use for our wellbeing.

But don’t just take our word for it. To find out how to use calming essential oils, we’ve teamed up with the experts from Olverum and Angela Langford, founder of Angela Langford skincare, to share their top tips.

From incorporating essential oils into your yoga routine, to enjoying them in the bath, discover the natural way to find some peace and calm.

Which essential oils promote calm?

Essential oils all smell gorgeous, but did you know that the scent from them can actually have an effect on our mood? Choosing the right blend is essential when it comes to finding some inner calm.

“Most people are already familiar with the stalwart soothing essential oils of lavender and chamomile,” say the team at Olverum. “But there are a number of others that can help. This includes bergamot oil to boost your mood, geranium oil for reducing anxiety and amyris oil, which has fantastic calming and relaxing properties.”

It’s also worth considering the time of day and your activity level to get the most out of your essential oil. Citrus scents can be uplifting earlier in the day, while richer scents like lavender can be perfect to use around bedtime.

“Citrus oils tend to be uplifting so use ones like bergamot and mandarin in an oil burner in the day,” says Angela. “Frankincense is really nice as a room spray at night. It helps to promote deeper and slower breathing, so is also good for meditation.” 

During the day at work a blend of rosemary oil, lemon oil and a hint of eucalyptus oil can enhance mood and maximise productivity. Diffusing these around your work station can help you to focus on tasks at hand and help reduce any work-related stresses.

How to use calming essential oils

Along with applying essential oils to your pulse points and spritzing them around the room, there are a number of ways that you can use calming essential oils.

Facial massage makes a wonderful wellbeing treatment,” says Angela. “Each evening, once you’ve cleansed your skin, take time to massage a face oil into your face, neck and decolletage. Deeply inhale the oil as you apply it to your face to help promote calm. 

“My favourite oil for this is my Bloom & Glow Face Oil. This combines neroli and rose geranium essential oils, which I blend with organic rosehip, chia seed, evening primrose and sea buckthorn. It nourishes, balances, brightens and calms skin.

“It’s also great for calming and relaxing the mind, so is ideal to do before bed.”

A weekly wellbeing treat

Transform your home into a spa and use your calming essential oils for a real wellbeing treat. Relaxing in a bath after a long day can be a fantastic way to prepare you for sleep and set you up for the week. Liz is a big fan of Olverum bath oil, which is a unique combination of 10 essential oils that help to relieve stress, lightly moisturise skin and promote untroubled sleep.

The team at Olverum also suggest making your own massage oil by adding a blend of essential oils to jojoba oil or apricot kernel oil.

Your selection of relaxing oils really depends on your preference. For citrus notes, try bergamot oil. If you prefer something floral, experiment with neroli oil. Geranium is popular with men and if you’re after something exotic, ylang ylang and jasmine oil can be extremely relaxing.

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