Liz Earle’s weekly workout routine

Want to know how Liz Earle stays so fit and strong? Liz’s weekly workout routine combines cardio with strength training to keep her looking and feeling her best.

Liz likes to mix up her exercise regime through the week to keep things fresh and to challenge her body. She’s a fan of HIIT (high intensity interval training), skipping and using weights in her weekly routine, and knows the importance of rest days to allow her muscles to recover from training.

We chatted to Liz to learn more about how she splits her workouts through the week, and when she prefers to train. Here, we share a typical week of exercise for Liz.

Please remember that not all exercises are suitable for everyone and this or any other exercise routine may result in injury. Please consult your doctor before beginning this or any other exercise program.

Liz Earle’s weekly workout routine


Liz’s weekly workout routine starts with a sweaty morning session at her home before the day runs away with her. She usually kicks off her workout with three minutes of skipping to get her heart rate up, which totals around 250 skips. If you’re new to jumping rope, Liz’s top tip is to start with just a few skips at a time, and you’ll quickly see yourself hopping into big numbers.

After her skipping session, Liz will then go right into 15 minutes of HIIT using weights, such as dumbbells and kettlebells for extra resistance to help her stay strong. Movements here include 75 weighted squats, followed by 60 press-ups, 50 bicep curls, and 50 tricep dips using a chair for all-over toning. Her weights range from 6kg in each hand for bicep curls to 18kg in each hand for weighted squats, but be guided by your own capacity and work up to heavier weights slowly, over time.

When starting with strength training, it’s important to go slowly, and at your own pace. For example, if you can’t do a press-up with both knees lifted, place your knees on the ground. Alternatively, practice a press-up against a wall rather than on the floor. Over time, you may notice your strength improving and be able to take it to the next level.


After Monday’s full-body workout, Liz likes to keep things short but sweet with a fast run on her treadmill during a quick lunch break from work.

She will usually run for about a mile on her home equipment to get her blood pumping, helping to improve her cardio fitness levels, or maybe head outdoors to enjoy the fresh air.

Liz always follows her run with a good stretch to ensure her muscles aren’t sore the next day. Some of her favourites include calf, hamstring and quad stretches, which target the big muscle groups used for running.


No rest for Liz on hump day, as you’ll likely find her lacing up her trainers for a park run in the morning with her personal trainer, Michael Garry. Michael has trained Liz for a number of years now, helping her perfect her form and technique when exercising.

Liz will easily tot up anywhere between three to five kilometres on her run around the local park.

But she doesn’t finish up her day’s session here. Liz will then do some lower-body movements, such as 20 lunges and 30 squat jumps, to end the workout.


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By Thursday mid-morning, Liz will be taking things a little easier. She’ll enjoy a walk of at least 20 minutes at some point through the day, whether that’s running errands around town or making her way to meetings and appointments.

Even if Liz has nowhere to be for the day, she still likes to tot up some steps on a meander somewhere local as it helps her take a break from screens while at work. Slipping on a weighted jacket or adding a few water bottles to a small backpack help turn any walk into a workout.


While many of us might have lost a little of our fitness motivation by the end of the week, you’ll often find Liz back in her home with her skipping rope in hand on Friday morning. A skipping rope is also an ideal piece of kit to take on holiday as it’s both lightweight and effective.

Liz will then repeat a 15 minute HIIT similar to Monday’s session, again using her trusty kettlebells and dumbbells to help keep her muscles toned. If you’re new to using weights for workouts, be sure to check out our guide here.


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Liz likes to spend her Saturday mornings rolling out her mat and finding her zen with an online yoga class with friends, enjoying the benefits of an energising and stretchy flow.

Yoga poses can help to build strength and flexibility all over our body, helping to keep us mobile – so the practice compliments the rest of Liz’s weekly workouts well.

If you’re new to yoga, find out more about the benefits and how to get started, here.


While it can be tempting to work out every day, especially if you’re trying to lose weight or tone up quickly, lots of experts are in agreement that it’s important to incorporate rest days into your regime to allow your muscles to recover, heal and grow.

Liz likes to finish the week with an active rest day, making time to exercise with her loved ones.

The whole family will head out on a gentle walk around the local countryside, reaping the low-impact benefits of walking as well as being outdoors for some family time.


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