The Menopause

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There are so many symptoms that we can associate with the menopause that it’s sometimes hard to keep track. However, having a menopause symptom tracker can be a helpful way for you to note any changes.

A simple tracking tool called the Greene Climacteric Scale is a great way to measure your menopausal symptoms. It tracks a comprehensive list of 21 symptoms that are often associated with the menopause. This includes ones we might not know to look out for, such as those that affect our hands and feet.

The four-part grading system affords a bit more flexibility for how you’re feeling than the ‘yes’ or ‘no’ questions that are often offered. It’s also great for tracking the changes in how we feel. This table can be extremely helpful to take to a doctor when you’re seeking an HRT prescription. Showing which symptoms you are suffering can help medical professionals to better understand the changes in your body over time.

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