The Truth about HRT


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Product information

Liz’s bestselling e-book uncovers the truth about HRT. The aim of this guide is to give all women affected by menopause symptoms, as well as their medical advisors, the most up-to-date, relevant and helpful information on HRT to inform choices that significantly improve long-term health and wellbeing.

“Liz Earle’s e-booklet does a brilliant job of safely steering the worried woman through this minefield to a safe and comfortable outcome on the other side.” – Professor Michael Baum

“As a healthcare professional who has managed menopause related issues for many years, I strongly believe that the valuable information provided by Liz in her book should be essential reading for all women of all ages!” – Consultant Gynaecologist, Mr. Nick Panay

Customer reviews:

“I bought Liz’s The Truth About HRT and it is by far the best money I have ever spent!…For the first time in years my head is calm, I’m sleeping better and feeling optimistic about the future. Thank you Liz and Dr Newson, you are life savers” – @lynnelucy53

“Please, please do carry on the work of engaging both men and women (I had a fairly understanding male boss!) about peri menopause, symptoms & therapies because no woman should ever have to have the menopause creep up on her!” – Jo 

“I’ve read [The Truth About HRT] again tonight. It’s fab and all the mythical loose ends are covered head on. Thanks so much Liz for tackling and unravelling this hugely important issue” – @perfumerzb

“I’ve downloaded this and its so informative and a very positive read. Very empowering!! I’m certainly recommending to all my girlfriends and spreading the word. It’s a game changer! Brilliant Liz – as is everything you write.” – @hessionemma