The Truth about HRT plus The Truth about Menopause

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 In a menopause muddle? Sail through this trying transition with our best-selling E-books, packed with Liz’s time-tested wisdom. 

The Truth about Menopause

– Guidance on how to navigate menopause 
– Advice on boosting mood and energy 
– Top tips for keeping weight off during menopause 

 The Truth about HRT  

– The myths and facts about HRT 
– Medic-approved look at HRT risks and benefits 
– Guidance on how to speak to your GP 

“Liz Earle’s Ebook does a brilliant job of safely steering the worried woman through this minefield to a safe and comfortable outcome on the other side.” Professor Michael Baum 

 “The Truth About HRT is by far the best money I have ever spent! For the first time in years my head is calm, I’m sleeping better and feeling optimistic about the future.” @lynnelucy53 

“I’ve downloaded this and its so informative and a very positive read. Very empowering!! I’m certainly recommending to all my girlfriends and spreading the word. It’s a game changer! Brilliant Liz – as is everything you write.”  @hessionemma

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