PoB Hotels review in Devon and Cornwall: “Perfect for those seeking a blend of luxury and adventure”

Grace Turner, ventures to to three Pride of Britain (PoB) hotels in Devon and Cornwall to try her hand at an array of sporting activities.

I’m a nutritionist – here are 4 ways to eat healthy while travelling

Farzanah Nasser shares her strategies for fuelling ourselves with the good stuff while away.

6 healthy habits that relationship experts swear by

We consult the experts to find out what they swear by to enhance and strengthen romantic connections.

The Lygon Arms: inside the historic spa hotel that’s home to a celeb chef’s restaurant

Head of Digital, Amy Moore, heads to the Cotswords to review The Lygon Arms.

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The Menopause

5 tips for managing hot flushes and night sweats

If you wake in the middle of the night feeling intensely hot and sweating, you’ll know how uncomfortable menopausal night sweats can be. Night sweats are really no different to the hot flushes we might experience throughout the day. However, by disturbing our sleep, they can lead to other unpleasant symptoms, such as tiredness and […]