EMSculpt Body-Contouring Review – Is it Worth the Cost?

EMsculpt procedureEMSculpt is a brand new non-invasive body-contouring treatment that claims to burn fat and build muscle at the same time.  But is it all too good to be true? Our Managing Editor, Polly Beard, takes a closer look at EMSculpt body contouring to see if it lives up to the hype.
It’s with mixed feelings that I trot up the steps to Dr Preema Vig’s upmarket central London clinic, just north of Oxford Street. I’ve been offered the chance to try out the latest electromagnetic body-contouring treatment called EMSculpt, newly arrived from the States and now available, at a significant cost, in a few locations in the UK.
With before and after pictures in the marketing literature that I can’t quite believe, and promises that this will tone up my tum and ‘bring my booty back’ with just four hours of treatment in total, I’m sceptical, to say the least. I’m also feeling unsure about my first foray into the world of aesthetics. Having lost friends and family who never even made it to 50, I’m truly grateful that my 52-year-old body still works, no matter what shape it is. Hmmm – perhaps this brave new world of beauty just isn’t my thing? The results will have to be really good to convince me.
I’m ushered downstairs to a treatment room and take my first glance at this ‘miracle’ machine. While there are already several non-invasive body-contouring treatments in existence that work on either reducing fat or improving muscle tone, EMSculpt does both at the same time, using something called high-intensity focused electromagnetic technology (HIFEM). This stimulates involuntary muscle contractions deep within our core, which we would simply be unable to achieve with exercise. Apparently, a treatment is the equivalent of doing 20,000 sit-ups or squats in one 30-minute session. Our body is forced to respond to this monumental onslaught of ‘supramaximal’ muscular contractions by both burning fat and building muscle. Bingo!
I lie down, have a large paddle positioned on my stomach held in place with an elastic belt, and eagerly await the first contraction… oh boy. Your entire midriff takes on a life of its own, giving you no option but to slightly crunch up as each wave takes hold. It’s not painful at all, but it’s not relaxing either. There are three different types of waves that come in cycles. The first feels steady and very strong, the second is slightly more forgiving and undulates in intensity, and the third is a bit like a series of little electric shocks zapping you (which apparently helps release any lactic acid build-up).
While these cycles get a little easier, I still find myself counting and remembering to breathe through it all – slightly reminiscent of being in labour but without any of the agony or fear. Some people apparently manage to relax enough during their treatments to catch up with emails on their phone, or even fall asleep. Personally, I’m relieved when the 30 minutes comes to an end and the contractions finally stop – it’s tiring and not particularly pleasurable.
EMsculpt machine bumThen, before I know what I’m doing, I turn over – it’s bottom time – and quickly get the giggles when the tiny electric zaps start making my buttocks wobble like jelly. At the end of my hour, I fully expect that after all the forced exercise, I won’t be able to move. I couldn’t be more wrong – I leave the clinic feeling slightly tighter and firmer, and then get on with my day without the faintest whiff of stiffness.
EMSculpt body-contouring has been clinically tested and proven in seven independent trials, with results seen across the board by both females and males of all ages. It’s not for everyone though – you won’t get the results if you have too much body fat and the price may well be a stumbling block for many of us. The ideal candidates are those who aren’t overweight but still have stubborn areas of fat. Tick! It may also help those who have Diastasis recti – when your muscles have never fully knitted back together after separation during pregnancy. Double tick!
I complete my four sessions over the period of a fortnight as recommended and can definitely notice a difference pretty quickly. 
My tummy without question has a bit more definition and my buttocks feel much firmer, but I’m not completely bowled over by the change in my appearance. I’m assured, however, that I will keep burning fat and building muscle for another few months after treatment – the four treatments just kick-start the process. I keep an open mind until my follow-up appointment six weeks later, when my ‘after’ pics will be taken and compared with my ‘before’ photos.
Well, as they say, the camera doesn’t lie. I’m actually gobsmacked by the difference in size, tightness and shape of both my tum and my bum, considering I haven’t done anything different in terms of my usual diet and exercise. The positive change can only be down to EMSculpt body contouring. I’m delighted with the results, and while I still have plenty more work to do before I’d ever use words like ‘flat’ or ‘pert’, I skip back down the clinic steps with a song in my heart, determined to do more squats and crunches, and eat even more healthily to keep this new-found self-improvement going. It’s not only given my body a physical lift, but more importantly, it’s been a fabulous boost for my self-confidence and inner wellbeing. I might just be a convert.
Polly visited the Dr Preema Clinic, where EMSculpt treatments start at £750 per 30-minute treatment or £3,000 for a course of four.
Liz has also tested EMSculpt with Dr Rita Rakus, where EMSculpt treatments start at £750 for either tums or bums or £3000 for a course of four, or £4000 for a combination of tums and bums. 
Liz had six sessions, combined with Unison (an anti-cellulite treatment we will be reviewing shortly) over a seven week period. “I am extremely impressed with the results – which actually have continued to improve over the weeks following my course of treatments. I would recommend”.
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