Easy ways to stay hydrated in winter

In winter we’re usually so busy trying to keep warm, the last thing on our mind is trying to stay hydrated – surely that’s a summer problem? Well, maybe not.

Dehydration is a surprisingly common issue in winter: breathing in cold, dry air causes the body to lose fluid, and exercising in chilly weather can make our sweat evaporate more quickly, so we have no visual reminder to replenish our water levels.

There are a number of easy ways to beat winter dehydration while staying snug without being stuck drinking pint after pint of water.

Easy ways to stay hydrated in winter

Winter fruits

Water-rich fruits are an ideal way to enjoy a sweet snack while keeping hydrated. Apples and clementines are great seasonal choices, as are pears which are also rich in fibre to keep you both quenched and full.

Hot drinks

Hot drinks are a great way of staying warm and hydrated. Tea and coffee can act as diuretics if you drink too much, so naturally caffeine-free teas like fresh mint or ginger are good alternatives. If you’re someone who likes to keep on top of their workouts whatever the weather (we salute you!), then you need look no further for justification to drink a big mug of hot chocolate. Chocolate milk is a particularly effective source of hydration as milk is retained in the body for longer than water, as well as being a source of carbohydrate and protein. A mug of our sea salt hot chocolate with 70% chocolate is the perfect hydrating winter warmer. Just be sure to drink it before around 4pm as dark chocolate does contain caffeine.

Eat soup!

A hearty, hot bowl of soup is probably the last thing you’d want to keep you hydrated in summer, but winter is soup’s time to shine. Broth-based soups like this chicken bone broth are a flavoursome, warming way to rehydrate thanks to their high water content. The collagen in the chicken bones can help improve your skin’s structure and smoothness too. Broths also tend to contain more sodium than lurid colourful energy drinks, which helps you to keep water in your system for longer.

Turn down the heating

While it can be very tempting to crank up the heating overnight, this can often lead to waking up with a splitting headache and dry mouth. In a hot, poorly ventilated room, you are likely to build up quite a sweat, which in turn leads to dehydration and poor sleep, so make sure you turn the heating down while you sleep. A window slightly open will help cool air to circulate.