Plastic-less living with Dr Ruth Valerio

Instead of ditching biscuits and chocolate this Lent, we’re turning our eye to plastic. Liz talks to environmentalist, author and Tearfund’s Global Advocacy and Influencing Director Dr Ruth Valerio about what each of us can do to cut back on this pesky pollutant.

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Inside the episode:

Listen in as Liz and Ruth discuss:

  • Fairtrade jewellery and the what difference buying Fairtrade really makes.
  • Where Ruth’s interest in the environment began.
  • Whether our individual actions can impact global issues.
  • The importance of using less single-use plastic.
  • Ruth’s personal plastic-less journey
  • What Tearfund are doing to tackle global waste issues.
  • Easy strategies for reducing plastic use in the home.

Tearfund recently launched a new appeal to help tackle waste and plastic pollution in Pakistan. Until 17 May, donations will be doubled by the UK government, up to £2 million.

Donations to this appeal will help Tearfund transform lives around the world where the need is greatest. Match funding from the UK government will be used by Tearfund’s partners in Pakistan to set up innovative recycling hubs which will improve the lives of people in some of the country’s poorest slum communities.

As part of the campaign Tearfund are also inviting supporters to take a Plastic Pledge and give up using one or more single-use plastic items for 40 days (or more!) Every single-use plastic item we save is one less thing in a landfill site, ocean or incinerator – or one less thing shipped overseas for another country to dispose of.

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