Best eco-friendly bathroom products

We’re always looking for ways to be more sustainable and use less plastic. Using eco-friendly bathroom products is a great place to start. Looking around the bathroom, it doesn’t take long to notice how much we rely on plastic – from bottles of shampoo and conditioner, to soap, body wash and even our toothbrush.
Rather than having a huge clear out and starting from scratch, it can be more achievable (and economical) to gradually make changes. Replace products with an eco-friendly alternative when you run out.
To help you along the way, we’ve rounded up our favourite ways to use more eco-friendly bathroom products in your daily routine.

Plastic-free toothbrushes

Toothbrushes are an essential part of our daily routine – but they’re also one of the biggest offenders when it comes to the environment. The vast majority of toothbrushes are made from plastic and end up in landfill. With dentists recommending we replace our toothbrush every three to four months, it doesn’t take long to calculate the vast amounts of toothbrushes we throw away in our lifetime.
The tide is starting to turn on this – Colgate partnered with Terracycle in 2018 to launch a recycling programme – but progress is still relatively slow. One easy swap you can make in the bathroom is to trade your plastic toothbrush for a more environmentally-friendly one.
Bamboo toothbrushes are becoming increasingly popular eco-friendly bathroom products. There are a number of these products are hitting the market – from basic everyday toothbrushes to ones with replaceable heads. Many bamboo toothbrushes feature a biodegradable handle made from bamboo, with nylon fibres for the toothbrush. A number of companies are also investing time into services that allow you to recycle the nylon fibres too.

Swap body wash for soap

Body washes are a shower-time staple, but often come in plastic containers that more often than not make their way to landfill. Opting for a bar of soap instead is an easy swap towards an eco-friendly bathroom product.
A bar of soap diminishes the need for plastic bottles and often lasts a lot longer than liquid-based body washes. More economical and environmentally friendly – a wellbeing win!
There are a number of brands out there offering soap bar alternatives. The Orange Blossom Body Soap from Balade en Provence is one of our favourites. We also adore the Rose soap bar from Neal’s Yard. This British brand has a host of eco credentials, with each product being both organic and cruelty free.
If you’re not quite ready to give up liquid-based body washes, there are thankfully some forward-thinking brands that are tackling the plastic problem in other ways. Many brands are now packaging their wares in post-consumer recycled plastics. For a body wash that’s green and luxurious in equal measure, we like Dr Hauschka Shower Cream. This gentle lemongrass-enriched cleanser is housed primarily in repurposed plastic milk cartons.

Eco-friendly haircare

Just like body wash, haircare can be a serial offender when it comes to plastic usage. Solid shampoo and conditioning bars can take a little getting used to, but are an effective swap towards more eco-friendly bathroom products.
Many brands are now moving towards creating solid bars of shampoo. We love Balade en Provence’s High-Shine Solid Shampoo. Handmade and cold processed with citrus, coconut and grapeseed oil, it leaves hair with a gorgeously glossy finish.
One challenge we’ve encountered with solid conditioners is being able to lather up enough product. One simple tip is to cut a small amount of the conditioner off the bar and heat this up to make a hair mask. Apply this to your hair for a few minutes for longer lasting softness.
Solid bars aren’t for everyone though, and can be time consuming when you’re not used to them. To get around this problem, opt for brands that offer planet- and bank balance-friendly refills. L’Occitane is one brand that offers refills calculated to reduce waste by up to 90% for many of their toiletries. We highly recommend the Intensive Repair Shampoo as a go-to staple.

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