Preserved lemon recipe

This preserved lemon recipe is an easy kitchen staple to last you for weeks on end. Preserved citrus is a brilliantly versatile ingredient to have on standby in the kitchen.

While this recipe requires a little bit of patience before you can use the lemons, it is well worth the wait. We recommend storing your preserved lemons in the fridge for at least three weeks before using as this gives the lemons time to ferment and soften.

Once ready, our preserved lemon recipe serves as a wonderful addition to savoury dishes for an extra kick of flavour.

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  • 5 lemons (organic, unwaxed)
  • 4 tbsp vinegar
  • 10 tsp sea salt (approx. 2 tsp salt per lemon)


Fills a 800ml kilner jar

NOTE: When cooking with preserved lemons, use only the skin and discard the flesh. Alternatively, try freezing and grating into a dish.

  1. Soak the lemons in a bowl of water to soften the skin. Slice the tops and ends off the lemons, then slice them into segments (this makes it easier to remove the flesh and use the skin).
  2. Add them into a bowl and massage with the salt. Squeeze a few of the segments so there is some lemon juice in the bowl.
  3. Place the lemons into a sterile jar along with the lemon juice and shake well.
  4. Leave out of the fridge for three days, shaking upside down a few times a day. Refrigerate for three weeks before using, to allow the lemons time to ferment and soften.