Layered chicken salad recipe

Prep 10 minutes + cooling

Are you a fan of prepping your meals? Make lunchtime easy with this layered chicken salad recipe from Discover Great Veg. It’s ideal for lunch on the go. Prep your salad the night before so that you’re ready to grab your jar and go the next day. It’s also a great one for utilising any leftover meat from a Sunday roast or summer BBQ.

This recipe comes with a gut-friendly and wellbeing twist thanks to the addition of yoghurt. Yoghurt is an excellent source of calcium needed for healthy bones and vitamin B12 needed for a healthy blood supply. Not only that, live yoghurt also contains countless ‘friendly’ lactobacillus bacteria. These help our digestive system run smoothly by aiding the breakdown of food, the absorption of nutrients and fighting against ‘unfriendly’ organisms that are often the cause of stomach upsets. It’s always handy to have a pot of homemade yoghurt to hand in your fridge at home – here’s how to make your own.

Keep things colourful by topping your chicken salad with an array of bright veggies. Don’t be afraid to experiment either – use whatever salad pieces you have in your fridge at home to make a lunch that’s all yours.

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  • 250g spinach
  • 1 tbsp mayonnaise
  • 3 tbsp natural yoghurt
  • 1 tsp rose harissa paste
  • 1 tbsp white wine vinegar
  • 150g roast chicken, shredded
  • ½ x 400g can chick peas, drained and rinsed
  • ½ red pepper, diced (180g)
  • 75g cucumber, diced


  1. Place the spinach in a frying pan with some olive oil and wilt. Allow to cool.
  2. Mix together the mayonnaise, yoghurt, harissa and vinegar in a bowl and stir in the chicken to evenly coat.
  3. Place the spinach in the base of two Kilner or jam jars and top with the chickpeas. Spoon over the chicken. Mix together the pepper and cucumber and sprinkle on top. Seal the jars and chill until required.