Gut-friendly tea recipe for a happy tum

This gut-friendly tea recipe is something of a stomach soother. It can help to aid digestion, cleanse the palate and even banish bloating after a meal.

Did you know that peppermint may have a wealth of benefits for our gut? Though IBS patients are often prescribed antispasmodic drugs and advised to increase their fibre intake, a high-quality meta-analysis published in the British Medical Journal deemed that peppermint oil might be a helpful treatment alternative. In fact, while only 1 in 5 patients found relief using anti-spasmodic drugs and just 1 in 11 from increased fibre intake, almost half of the study participants saw improvements in symptoms after ingesting peppermint oil.

Add the ingredients listed below into a tea strainer. Allow to brew for five minutes before enjoying a gut-friendly cup of tea.

Please note, those with hypertension should avoid excessive consumption of liquorice root.

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  • 3 parts peppermint
  • 3 parts fennel
  • 1 part liquorice root


  1. Add all of the ingredients into a tea strainer.
  2. Brew for five minutes. Enjoy!