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6 self-care rituals for Valentine’s Day

Looking for some Valentine’s Day self-care rituals? Whether you’re all loved-up or not, the 14th of February doesn’t just have to be about the people near and dear to you. Instead, it’s a great time to show yourself a little love and make yourself a priority.

Even though it might sound a little self-indulgent, self-care has been clinically proven to be beneficial for our overall wellbeing. It can reduce, or even eliminate, anxiety and depression, bring down our stress levels and increase happiness (to name just a few of the benefits).

Ready to be your own valentine? We’ve got six self-care ideas to try out this Valentine’s Day.

Self-care ideas for Valentine’s Day

Enjoy a healthy breakfast

Fuelling our bodies with nutritious meals is one of the best, and simplest, acts of self-care. Get your day off on the right foot with a healthy breakfast (or perhaps brunch, if you’re a fan of intermittent fasting like Liz). 

Our ever-popular rose petal granola recipe is the perfect choice for Valentine’s.

And it looks as good as it tastes and sounds, with healthy fats like hazelnuts and walnuts, slow-releasing carbohydrates like oats, and dried rose petals, rose water, cranberries and raisins for pops of colour and flavour.

Have a screen-free day

Put down your phone or tablet, and enjoy the day free of screens

While technology has kept us all connected during these strange times, having a digital detox for a day comes with many wellbeing benefits. For example, research says time away from our screens can help to improve productivity and aid better sleep.

You’ll also allow yourself to focus on the world around you, and free up your time for extra self-care, rather than scrolling through apps.

Dance around

Put on your favourite song this Valentine’s Day and dance like nobody’s watching. Seriously.

Dancing comes with a whole host of physical health benefits as it’s a great full-body workout. But some research suggests that it has mental health benefits too, making a dance around your living room the perfect addition to your day of self-care.

Getting your groove on can boost your confidence, provides a release for stress and anxiety and, like any kind of exercise, releases feel-good endorphins.

Plus, you don’t need a partner to reap the wellbeing benefits of dance (or any kind of movement for that matter!). 

Take a rose petal bath

Valentine’s Day is often synonymous with candlelit, rose petal-filled bubble baths to share with your partner. 

However, we’ve got our own version for you to try. This time, our DIY rose petal milk bath is just for one (and has plenty of skin-soothing benefits too)! 

Aside from self-care, research suggests that taking a bath over a shower comes with some mental health boosting effects too, such as less fatigue and lower stress levels.

Our homemade recipe uses milk powder and dried rose petals, plus rose and geranium essential oils to help you draw a tub of pure relaxation and self-care. Find the full method here.

Try out gua sha 

Our self-care list wouldn’t be complete without a beauty ritual for some pampering. So, why not give gua sha a go? 

The ancient practice from traditional Chinese medicine uses a flat, smooth crystal tool and has jumped in its popularity in recent years as a way to massage and contour the face. 

Experts say that it’s a great way to relieve any tension, plus it can also help give you an added glow and even reduce the appearance of fine lines. 

Not got the kit? Pick up a gua sha tool from Hayo’u Method. We love their rose quartz option, which is said to support heart energy. How appropriate!

Practice positive affirmations

Many of us often struggle with thinking negatively about ourselves, whether that’s often or occasionally. 

But you might want to try practicing positive self-affirmations to keep those thoughts at bay and change how you think about yourself.

Positive affirmations are short statements and phrases used to challenge negative thoughts and outlooks. Examples may include, ‘I am strong’, ‘I believe in myself’, and ‘I am worthy.’

So, show yourself a little love by repeating positive phrases like these on Valentine’s and beyond.

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