Liz’s quick wellbeing tips, as seen on This Morning

Adopting a healthier lifestyle can often seem incredibly daunting but, as Liz explains here, simply adding in a few healthy habits can go a long way to supporting your wellbeing.
Here, Liz shares some of her super simple methods for adding a little more wellbeing into your day, as seen on ITV’s This Morning.

Liz’s quick wellbeing tips

Exercise snacking

Snack on exercise and not food! Sneaking some power-moves into your day in bite-size chunks can be a super easy way to up your activity.

Take time to stretch every time you boil the kettle. It helps to move your body and ease tension and stress before it builds up and causes aches and pains.

Counter-top push ups. Again, while waiting for the kettle to boil, fit in a dozen push-ups on your kitchen counter. Ensure to engage your core as you move your feet away from the counter. Place your hands on the counter-top and begin your round of press-ups. They’re easy and quick to do and will help to build strength in your arms.

Wear weights around the house. Wearing weighted vests and ankle weights is an easy way to workout without even thinking about it. It’s a really effective way to tone up. Weighted vests start at around £30. Start with a 3kg vest and work up (some have pockets of sand or metal plates to make them heavier as you get stronger). Ankle weights start at around £15 and you can go from 500g up to 2kg, depending on your age or physical strength. Be guided by your own physicality here.

Cut back on carbohydrates

Cut back on biscuits, crackers and cake by making crunchy protein-packed snacks. Apple slice ‘sandwiches’ spread with nut butters are delicious. For something more savoury, opt for fennel scoops topped with mozzarella. Peanut butter has the higher protein level but you can also use almond butter. Alternatively, go for hummus if your household is nut-free. Crunchy and filling, it’s more nutritious too.

Make cauli-rice. This is a brilliant low-carb alternative to potatoes, pasta and rice. Simply blitz a whole cauliflower in a food processor and lightly cook it. The trick is not to boil your cauliflower, otherwise it’ll turn to mush! Soften in a covered frying pan with a bit of olive oil or butter for about five minutes. Stir occassionally until it’s ready.

Drink your way to wellbeing

Wise up on wine. Always have a glass of water before your glass of wine. This helps to keep you hydrated and reduces the temptation to glug it down. Also, filling your glass up to the brim with ice leaves less room for the wine and dilutes the alcohol and rehydrates you as the ice melts.

Make water more interesting by adding natural flavours. A really good one is a slice of ginger root, a slice of lemon or lime and a couple of crushed basil leaves all swirled around with a cucumber stick.

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