5 easy ways to stay hydrated this summer

We all know that staying hydrated is important, but if the idea of sipping eight to 10 glasses of plain water slowly through the day seems a little boring and unappealing, then fret not. Here a few of our favourite ways to keep our water levels up.

5 easy ways to stay hydrated

Add a dash of flavour

A splash of cordial or a squeeze of lemon or lime will instantly pep up a plain glass of water – see our homemade elderflower recipe for inspiration. If you want to avoid the sugar, add some grated citrus zest or mint leaves for a tasty twist.

Cool cubes

Fill your glass with plenty of ice cubes for extra refreshing rehydration. We love to pick a few edible blooms such as borage or pansies and freeze in water in ice-cube trays ready to jolly up a glass or jug.

Just add water

Many of us enjoy a freshly squeezed glass of juice every day, but rarely consider adding water to dilute it. This is an easy way to squeeze in another half a glass of water into your daily routine and particularly useful with young children, and you’ll hardly notice the difference in flavour.

Tea time

If you’re not yearning for a cool drink, try making your own homemade teas. Simply place a few sprigs of fresh herbs such as fennel or peppermint, a slice or two of ginger root or a stick of cinnamon into a mug, and pour on just boiled water. Leave to infuse for a few minutes, remove your herbs and enjoy a deliciously and delicately flavoured cuppa.

Eat juicy foods

While not a perfect substitute for a glass of water, don’t forget that certain foods such as cucumber, watermelon, tomatoes, grapes and courgettes have a particularly high water content, so eating plenty of these watery foods will help keep your hydration levels topped up.

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