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S5E5: Lasers with Debbie Thomas

liz in studio pr shot clear skin liz Earle wellbeing magazine

Liz and Debbie Thomas chat all things laser – the cutting edge skin treatment that’s softening scarring, healing rosacea and removing pigmentation.

Friday Five: 12th July

Vital Oils Liz Earle Wellbeing

Liz shares how the types of fat we eat can leave us more or less likely to burn in the sun, the benefits of olive oil and her tips for tackling bingo wings.

S5E4: Get strong with Amanda Thebe

Personal trainer and nutrition coach – Amanda Thebe – shares why lifting heavy weights often is the key to feeling fit and fab in our forties and beyond.

Friday Five: 5th July

Liz shares a sneak peek inside the latest magazine, a very special treat to keep us cool this summer and an uplifting Facebook community for midlife women.