Get fit in just 11 minutes, with Lavina Mehta

PT Lavina Mehta joins Liz on this podcast to share how you can get fit with just 11 minutes of exercise every day.

Finding love online in midlife, with Garance Doré

Beauty brand founder and author Garance Doré joins Liz to discuss how they both found love in the digital landscape.

Are weight loss drugs too good to be true? – with Johann Hari

Can a 'magic pill' can fix the obesity epidemic? Author Johann Hari joins Liz on this podcast to discuss the benefits - and 12 potential risks - of new weight loss drugs, such as Ozempic.

Sponsored: Why your UTIs keep coming back, with Dr Kate Stephens

Dr Kate Stephens, a doctor of microbiology specialising in the human microbiome, joins Liz on this podcast to share how we can better support our vaginal microbiome and avoid recurring UTIs.

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