The Feel-Good Factor
We interview queen of interior design Kit Kemp on feeling good, looking good and doing good.
Smooth talk
Liz writes on the best methods of hair removal for silky smooth skin.
Reasons to go organic
Ground-breaking research proves that organic food is better for our health.
Always read the label!
Watch Liz's latest short film on how to make sure your milk is pasture-fed.
Golden rules
How to give you and your family the best sun protection this summer.

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Roasted tomato pasta
Liz's delicious, quick recipe for a simple summer supper.
Courgette crazy?
Facing a glut of courgettes? Look no further than Liz's tuna and courgette lasagna.
Feather Fern
Introducing our beautiful pendant brooch - the first ever design for Liz Earle Fine Jewellery.