Stay mentally fit with Dr Vanessa Moulton

Dr Vanessa Moulton, a chartered psychologist and founder of Mindflex, joins Liz to reveal how we can boost our psychological fitness.

Vanessa reveals the techniques you can easily do at home. Find handy tips for dealing with stress, boosting your mental health and ideas for showing ourselves more compassion.

Please note: This episode includes one mention of strong language.

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Inside the episode

  • What are the barriers to seeking help?
  • How do our early ideas impact our mental health?
  • How do we strike the right balance when raising children?
  • Why do we get stressed?
  • How can we cope with stress?
  • Why should we be more compassionate towards ourselves?
  • How does psychological fitness play a role in mental illness?
  • How can we boost psychological fitness?
  • Can journaling help?

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