S6E2: The Pelvic Floor with Jane Simpson

Jane Simpson, Continence Specialist from The London Clinic, joins Liz to answer all your queries and more in our special podcast episode dedicated to understanding the pelvic floor.

This podcast is the second in our incontinence series, in collaboration with Pelviva.

You can stream the episode below, or download the recording via iTunes or Spotify:

Inside the episode:

  • Where is our pelvic floor?
  • What does it do?
  • How to do pelvic floor exercises correctly
  • Do lifestyle factors impact the pelvic floor?
  • Why does menopause make us more likely to struggle with incontinence?
  • What is a prolapse?
  • Are there any gadgets that can help?

Resources mentioned in the show:

Find out more about Jane’s book, The Pelvic Floor Bible

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