Omega-3 and brain health with Dr Simon Dyall

Dr Simon Dyall from the University of Roehampton joins Liz to explain why omega-3s are so important to the function of our brains.

He’ll also explain some of the latest research currently underway in this field of research and just how you can increase your omega-3 intake.

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Inside the omega-3 and brain health episode

  • What are essential fatty acids?
  • What is the link between omega-3 and mental health?
  • Where is DHA found in our bodies?
  • Why is DHA important during pregnancy?
  • How can we increase our omega-3 intake?
  • How can omega-3s benefit us as we age?
  • How is walking speed linked to our brain function?
  • When should we take supplements to get the best effect?

Resources mentioned in the episode

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