Incontinence and menopause with Meg Mathews

Two in three women over the age of 40 will struggle with some form of urinary incontinence problem, but menopause also has its part to play.

To shine a light on incontinence, we’re launching the first of a special three-part series, in collaboration with Pelviva.

In episode one, Brit pop icon Meg Mathews chats to Liz about her own experience of incontinence and explains the work she’s doing to bust this and other taboos around menopause.

You can stream the episode below, or download the recording via iTunes or Spotify:

Inside the episode:

  • How is menopause linked to incontinence?
  • How do we overcome embarrassment linked to incontinence?
  • Can HRT help?
  • How can women support and empower each other?
  • Should we be checking our bodies?

Resources mentioned in the show:

Listen to our previous episode with Meg, where she talks frankly about her experience of menopause.

Check out Meg’s online community, Meg’s Menopause, and listen to her recent podcast episode where she’s joined by Liz.

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