S2E1: Menopause with Meg Matthews

Welcome back to another series of Wellness with Liz Earle! This week, Liz is joined by real life rock chick Meg Matthews. She has gone from Britpop icon, working as a high-profile music industry PR, events planner and designer – not to mention wife to one-half of Oasis – to a very wonderful 50-something woman setting the menopause world on fire. Listen in as Liz and Meg chat about menopause, alcohol, bone health and more!

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Topics discussed in the episode:

  • Meg’s journey from music to menopause guru
  • Giving up alcohol
  • Bone health, calcium and osteoporosis
  • Anti-depressants, menopause and mood
  • HRT
  • Testosterone
  • Lesser known symptoms of the menopause
  • Meg’s online menopause community

Links mentioned in the episode: