Understanding learning and behavioural difficulties with Sarah Warley

Sarah Warley, neurophysiological psychologist and the pioneering founder of The Key Clinic, joins Liz to discuss learning and behavioural difficulties in children. She explains how her clinic brings together a wealth of drug-free, cutting-edge treatments all under one roof to help improve the quality of life of those suffering from a wide range of concerns.

From depression and anxiety to ADHD, Sarah explains how using evidence-based solutions and revolutionary therapies can help to unlock a child’s potential in a way that’s unique to them.

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Inside the episode

  • How Sarah first became interested in behavioural and learning difficulties
  • The limitations with current treatment options
  • Sarah’s work at The Key Clinic
  • The benefit of taking a drug-free approach to behavioural conditions
  • How Sarah approaches spectrum disorders
  • Retained primitive reflexes and what these mean for spectrum disorders
  • The role of nutrients in managing symptoms
  • Signs for parents to be looking out for

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