Developing the world’s first testosterone patch, with Dr Sarah Hillman

Could a testosterone patch be on the horizon for women? On this episode of The Liz Earle Wellbeing Show, Liz chats to Dr Sarah Hillman, GP, clinical lecturer and researcher from the University of Warwick, to discuss the development of a testosterone patch in what could be a world first by UK researchers.

While oestrogen and progesterone HRT patches are available, there is currently no equivalent for testosterone, despite it being considered an essential female hormone.

Liz and Sarah chat about the symptoms of low testosterone in women, such as low libido, and the benefits of transdermal administration of HRT rather than oral.

They also cover the research and clinical trials for the testosterone patch, the difficulties in defining and diagnosing low libido, and the socioeconomic divide when it comes to obtaining HRT.

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