How to eat sustainably with Patrick Holden CBE

British farmer and global activist, Patrick Holden CBE, joins Liz to discuss the importance of sustainable farming. He discusses the need to make sustainable food choices to benefit the planet and why we need to buy locally.

He shares his thoughts on eating meat sustainably and plant-based diets. Patrick also reveals why our foods aren’t as rich in nutrients as we think.

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Inside this week’s episode

  • Where Patrick’s interest in food production began
  • The importance of sustainable food
  • The hidden cost of UK food
  • How our food systems are damaging the earth
  • Why we need to choose sustainable meat
  • The sustainability of plant-based diets
  • Nutrition content in our food
  • How eating organically may improve intolerances
  • The importance of buying locally sourced food

Links mentioned in the episode

Please note: Image taken before social distancing measures came into place.