Buying sustainable flowers with Rosebie Morton

Liz is joined by rose enthusiast and founder of The Real Flower Company, the appropriately named Rosebie Morton. Defending the charm of homegrown, traditional garden roses over their more commercial cousins, Rosebie can be found giving guided tours through her beautiful Hampshire paddocks and experimenting with new varieties to add to her already extensive repertoire. She’s a champion of buying British flowers as well as sustainable sourcing from much further afield.

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Topics discussed in the episode: 

  • Why shop-bought roses are rarely scented.
  • Where Rosebie’s passion for flowers began.
  • The beautiful Margaret Merril.
  • How Rosebie started The Real Flower Company.
  • On buying British flowers.
  • On growing sweet peas.
  • Sustainable flower farming and accreditations to look out for.
  • Bumblebee and pollinator conservation.
  • Rosebie’s top tips for growing roses at home.

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