5 quick healthy fixes to improve your wellbeing

Looking for quick and healthy wellbeing fixes? Whether you’ve got five minutes or five hours, there are plenty of ways we can all fit more wellness into our day.

Here we roundup some quick and simple wellbeing hacks to add into your daily routine.

5 healthy fixes to improve your wellbeing

Exercise snacking

No time for the gym? No problem. Fitting in exercise where you can – known as ‘exercise snacking’ – is a simple way to add more movement into your day.

Whether it’s doing squats and lunges while brushing your teeth or practising push-ups against the counter while waiting for the kettle to boil, it all adds up.

Plus, if you’re deskbound throughout the day, try to get up every 30 minutes or so for a quick wander. Not only does this move your body, it gives your eyes a break from staring at screens and can help to improve your concentration.

Top up on water

Keeping hydrated throughout the day seems an easy task, but it’s one that we often overlook. One simple way to ensure you drink plenty of water is to always have a refillable bottle to hand.

Not a fan of water? Adding mint leaves, cucumber or slices of fruit can help to add a refreshing pep of flavour, without the added sugars of shop-bought squash.

Enjoy a skincare ritual

Heading to the salon for a facial is a real treat, but can be time consuming and expensive. Creating your own skincare ritual at home is an easy way to fit more wellness into your day.

Gua sha has been taking the wellness world by storm in recent times. This simple self-care ritual involves gliding a cool crystal tool over the skin to encourage circulation. There are plenty of simple tutorials to follow online, and best of all you can complete this simple practice in less than five minutes.

Need a tool to get started? We love the Rose Quartz Beauty Restorer from Hayo’u Method.

Practice good sleep hygiene

Guilty of burning the midnight oil or scrolling on social media late at night? Establishing a good sleep routine can make a big difference to your wellbeing.

If you struggle to nod off, there are a number of things you can do ahead of bedtime. Making sure you get outside each day helps to regulate the hormones that control your sleep cycle. Another helpful tip is to avoid caffeine after 3pm. It’s also a good idea to limit blue light exposure by turning off electronics at least 30 minutes before bed. Swap your phone for a good old fashioned book instead!

Once bedtime rolls around, make sure you have a cool, dark sanctuary for sleep. The temperature of the room can have a significant impact on your ability to drop off – sleep experts suggest having your room between 15°C and 20°C. Try to avoid having any lights on in your space – this includes any standby lights that might be on bedroom televisions. If you don’t have blackout blinds, investing in a sleep mask can help to keep any remaining sources of light at bay.

Be more affectionate

Yes really! A good cuddle with a loved one isn’t just beneficial for boosting your bond, it can help to enhance your wellbeing too.

Researchers have found that women who frequently hug their partner are more likely to have lower blood pressure. Researchers think it’s due to a hormone called oxytocin, which plays a pivotal role in social bonding.

The study, published in Biological Psychology, found that women who frequently hug their partner have higher oxytocin levels than those who hug less often. This in turn is thought to have effects on lowering blood pressure.

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