Building a beauty empire with Marcia Kilgore

Liz is joined by serial wellbeing and beauty entrepreneur, Marcia Kilgore, a woman who has launched not one, but five brilliant brands (Bliss, FitFlop, Soap and Glory, Soaper Duper and Beauty Pie). Listen in as she shares the secrets to building a beauty empire and to her glowing skin.

You can stream the episode below, or download the recording via iTunes or Stitcher:

Inside the episode:

  • Marcia shares where her business empire began.
  • Marcia shares her motto – “why is this happening for me?”
  • Marcia reveals her unusual teen hobby.
  • Liz and Marcia discuss how Bliss changed the industry.
  • Marcia shares the highs and lows of running a business.
  • Liz and Marcia discuss sustainable beauty and Soaper Duper.
  • Liz and Marcia discuss why Beauty Pie is a ‘beauty lovers dream.’
  • Marcia and Liz share their love of retinol.
  • Marcia shares the new skincare innovations she’s most excited about.

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