The best Christmas games for your family dinner

Looking for some games to play with your loved ones this Christmas? We’ve rounded up some of our favourite games that you can make and do at home, with plenty for the whole family to love.

Top Christmas games for all the family

Cracker hats

Using the flimsy paper hats from inside crackers (which never fit anyone anyway!) hold a competition whereby everyone has to turn their hat into something else.

Tear, fold, scrunch into little balls, and create your finest bracelets, flowers, miniature snakes, an eye-patch, a bikini, or a moustache, beard and eyebrows that can be stuck on with a dab of water. Award chocolate coins to the best efforts and most original ideas.

Pass the action

The first player starts with any action of his choice, for instance winking at the person on his right. That person now must wink at the person on their right and add another action too, maybe blowing them a kiss. The third player then winks and blows a kiss to the neighbour on their right and adds a third action. Keep going around the table, losing a life if you forget an action – three lives each.

Good actions to include are a tweak on the nose, raising your glass to say cheers, blowing a raspberry, wiggling your tongue around, going cross-eyed and shouting ‘Ho Ho Ho’.

Thumbs up

If you have any bah-humbugs among you who think this is all getting way too silly, challenge them to a duel of Thumbs Up. Securely wedge a satsuma on to your right thumbs (left thumb if left-handed) and present your satsuma-d hand to your opponent. You must both now aim to peel your opponent’s satsuma using your free, weaker hand, but you instantly lose if you either drop any peel or rip it off so quickly that the satsuma falls to the table. The slowest peeler loses!

Balancing spoons

Finally, hold a spoon-balancing championship. Don’t just try dangling a spoon from the nose, but hang them from the chin, cheekbones and forehead as well. It’s amazing what a bit of patience and determination (and a little lick) will achieve. Wedge more behind ears and between teeth too.

The most metallic face gets out of the washing-up…

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