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Elizabeth Hurley: My Wellbeing Weekend

Escaping to Herefordshire, learning lines and baking with her son – the actress and model describes how she spends her weekends.
Town and country
I loathe being in London at weekends and always try to go home to Herefordshire. I love everything about the country – the fresh air, the peace, my dogs and my garden After enduring the M4, I usually have a stiff drink, light a fire and collapse on the sofa. Before bed, I’ll have a long bath with lots of scented bath oil and a good book.
Terrifying to-do lists
Truthfully, most weekends I’m juggling an overflowing inbox and a terrifying to-do list with trying to be Super Mum and Hostess with the Mostest. I try to squeeze in a dog walk or two, and my son and I always bake a cake together. I almost never go out at weekends, unless I’m invited to someone else’s house, but we rarely do that either. I see enough of other people during the week.
Shop local
I nip into my local village and try to buy the majority of my food in the small, local shops. I’m lucky that we have a great butcher, greengrocer and bakery. We also have a very good bookshop, a wine shop and an excellent delicatessen. I often go to Countrywide as well and buy lots of things I don’t need.
If I’m feeling stressed, I like silence. I turn off my phone and soak in the tub with my eyes shut, having made everyone promise to leave me alone for a while.
Read between the lines
When I’m filming, the entire weekend is about learning my lines. My son runs through them with me and I’m unbearable and totally unrelaxed until I know them. then I do the usual mad dash around the house, trying to put everything into the car for the trek back to London. If I have Monday off, I stay an extra night, which is bliss, and if I have Friday off, I leave London on Thursday night and do a victory dance.
The most important meal of the day…
I don’t really each brunch as I love both breakfast and lunch too much. I usually have a cooked breakfast at weekends and a big lunch, too – always a roast on Sunday and big plates of salad on Saturday. I’m enamoured with my new fish poacher, so often do a whole salmon and make kedgeree with the leftovers.
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