Best bum exercises to tone up your glutes

Want to perk up your posterior with the best bum exercises? Not only do bum workouts help create a peachier derriere, stronger glute muscles can also strengthen your knees and help build a pain-free lower back.

Plus, as we get older, muscle mass declines meaning we may feel weaker. However, there are ways we can counter this natural decline (also known as sarcopenia). Staying active with a focus on strength training can help maintain muscle mass as we get older.

So, what are the best bum exercises to strengthen the lower body? Here, we share four moves you can try to build a bigger, more toned booty.

Remember, stop if you feel any pain when performing these exercises.

Best bum exercises to tone up your glutes


The faithful squat is a trusty exercise to help tone the glutes. The movement also helps to strengthen and tone the lower body.

Start with your feet hip width apart, look ahead and engage your core as you squat down. Send your hips back and down, and take the squat deep enough so that your hip joint is parallel or lower than your knees. Ensure your knees don’t go past your toes as you squat down.

Never tried this exercise before? Modify by standing in front of a chair and gently sitting your bum on it as you squat up and down.

If you feel confident with this movement already, you can add in a jump as you come out of the squat to increase your explosive power.

To spice things up further, grab a pair of dumbbells or pop on a weighted jacket for extra resistance.

Donkey kicks

You’ll really feel the burn with this equipment-free bum exercise: the donkey kick.

Go onto all fours and make sure your back is straight. With a 90-degree bend in your knee, slowly lift your leg up toward the ceiling with your foot flexed. Then, lower your knee back down to the floor. Perform a few reps, before repeating on the other side. Keep your core engaged to ensure your back isn’t arching as you carry out this movement.

This targeted exercise will really help to build your booty while engaging your core.

Walking lunges

A variation on the static bodyweight lunge, walking lunges are a great way to tone up your bum.

Instead of lungeing on the spot, ‘walk’ forward by lungeing out with the other leg for a few reps, depending on how much space you have. Turn around, and repeat in the other direction.

Remember not to let your knees shoot over your toes (more on that here). Again, you can use a weighted vest or a pair of dumbbells to make these harder.

Glute bridge

Lay on your back with your feet flat against the floor, hip distance apart and your knees bent. Engage your core and gently squeeze your glute muscles as you lift your hips off the floor. Pause at the top, before lowering back down. Repeat this exercise for a few reps.

To make this bum exercise harder (yes, you guessed it!), you can place a weight on your hips or use a resistance band around your legs.

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