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Elderflower & borage flower ice lollies


These fizzy lollies are a delicious way to get inventive with a bottle of elderflower cordial. Whether or not you make your own elderflower cordial, these lollies are a delicious way to up your water intake too. Rehydrate with this delicate floral treat if you fancy something grown up, fragrant and sweet but not too sugary.

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  • 150ml elderflower cordial
  • 100ml sparkling water
  • Fresh borage flowers
  • 6 lolly moulds


Mix the cordial and water together and pour until half way up the side of the lolly moulds. Drop in a fresh flower and place in the freezer for at least three hours. When the bottom layer has set, fill the lolly moulds to the top and add another flower. Place back in the freezer overnight.