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Weekend juice cleanse plan

Embarking on a juice cleanse is a great way to remove unwanted waste matter from your body. Liz tries to do one at least twice a year. Juices are natural cleansers and this quick and easy weekend reboot can make a real difference to how we look and feel.

It’s particularly beneficial after a feast-filled festive season to combat feelings of sluggishness or fatigue. As long as you are fit and well (and not pregnant), do try it!

Here, Liz shares her top tips for starting a juice cleanse.

Why a juice fast?

If our bodies are overburdened with waste products we’re less able to eliminate both natural and artificial toxins, along with other pollutants. The build-up of these ‘toxins’, such as cellular waste matter, can result in tiredness, a slow metabolism and dull skin – all signs that we could benefit from an inner clean-up. A simple 36- or 48-hour detox can help flush accumulated waste from the body through the kidneys, lungs, liver, skin and colon, as well as strengthening our immune system by giving over-worked digestive systems a rest.

Why choose a weekend?

It helps to be in a positive, stress-free frame of mind to successfully complete any two-day fast. Weekends tend to be a better time to rest and relax, away from everyday pressures and busy schedules. Try to keep away from computers and phones as much as possible – your whole system will really benefit from a break from screen-time. Time to pick up a book or magazine instead!

How to prepare

Plan ahead with your shopping so you have all the necessary ingredients you need, try my cleansing spring green recipe. Now is not the time for a big supermarket shop or trip to the deli. It’s also a good idea, the day before you start your reboot, to eat lightly and cut down on your caffeine intake.

How to do a juice cleanse

During the reboot, simply drink three glasses of juice a day instead of meals. These will be enough to gently help your body eliminate its waste. If you’re exceptionally hungry, it’s fine to make another juice, but don’t exceed five glasses a day. Make sure your juices are low in sugar (including fructose). Aim for 70 per cent vegetables and just 30 per cent fruit for sweetness. It’s also important to drink one-to-two litres of filtered water each day, as this will also help keep you feeling fuller for longer. Light exercise, such as yoga or walking, will give your circulation and lymphatic system a boost. But don’t overdo it, as you may feel slightly weaker than usual.

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