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What Liz Earle really eats in a day

The definitive guide to what Liz Earle really eats in a day. Here, she shares her favourite foods to keep her energy up, hormones happy and skin glowing.

What Liz Earle eats in a day

Mornings start with a large glass of water

I add electrolytes, or if I’ve run out, a generous grind of rock salt, to rehydrate after the night. This is followed by black coffee with a splash of MCT oil mid-morning to fuel my body and brain with healthy fats for energy.

The benefits of fasting are very real

Not only for weight loss, but for health gain. Resting our digestive system makes for better gut health, improved sleep, greater hormone balance and a stronger immune system. I aim for 16:8 (16 hours between my evening meal and first morning bite), but often only achieve 12 hours or somewhere in between.

This includes water, either plain or with added electrolytes, herb teas and black coffee, often with a teaspoonful of creatine powder – brilliant for muscle tone and better brain health (this doesn’t break a fast).

I prioritise protein and fat in my first meal

I’ll have a couple of boiled eggs most mornings, or smashed avocado with a squeeze of lemon and lashings of olive oil on sourdough toast, or a bowl of thick Greek yoghurt, a splash of kefir and some berries.

I’ve killed my carb cravings

This is thanks to eating more protein. I don’t tend to feel the urge to snack but, if I’m peckish, I’ll grab a handful of almonds or some berries. I keep tubs of hummus, guacamole and taramasalata in the fridge, alongside some carrot sticks soaked in salty water for a bit of crunch.

On busy days I try to plan ahead

In the evenings I check my diary to see where I’ll be and how I can eat well. I batch-freeze bags of homemade soups for a quick bowl of something hot, and pre-make overnight yoghurt pots with yoghurt and kefir to grab and go. If I’m travelling, I’ll chuck a few chopped walnuts and bits of apple into a tub of cottage cheese and take that with me.

I put protein first

And build the rest of my plate around that, often with green veggies – especially broccoli and raw watercress, both powerful superfoods. I don’t eat many conventional carbs (potatoes, rice, pasta), but if I am cooking pasta, I’ll cook it ahead of time, allow it to go cold and then reheat it for a minute in boiling water. This reduces its glycemic load and releases more of the resistant starch gut microbes thrive on. A simple carb-lovers’ hack.

I support my hormones by swerving sugars

I do love a bit of chocolate – the darker the better. It took me a while to wean myself off the super-sweet junk stuff, but now I really enjoy 80% or more dark chocolate. It’s so strong it’s impossible to over-eat.

You’ll always find ferments in my fridge

I put ‘mama’ stickers on my fermenting jars of kraut and kimchi so the kids don’t take one sniff and throw them out.

Crisps are an irresistible weakness

I opt for those fried in olive oil as I don’t eat seed oils. A healthier and just-as-delicious indulgence is fresh anchovies and a bit of Gorgonzola scooped onto chicory.

Processed foods aren’t worth it

You won’t catch me eating Pringles or drinking Coke. Especially Diet Coke or basically any fizzy c***p.

When eating out I start with olives

Resist the bread. I pick a protein-heavy main and choose cheese instead of pudding. If I’m asked for ‘dietary requirements’, I’ll ask for a cheese plate or fresh fruit instead of a fancy dessert. I can’t resist if it’s put in front of me, so I try to make sure it isn’t.

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