Menopause and testosterone with Dr Louise Newson

Did you know that women produce more testosterone than estrogen? Though usually considered a male hormone, it’s essential for women’s health and wellbeing – particularly during menopause when levels decline.

Dr Louise Newson joins Liz to highlight its benefits for libido, energy levels and overall health, and explains how women can get a prescription in the UK.

This is the final instalment of our five part podcast special in celebration of World Menopause Day.

You can stream the episode below, or download the recording via iTunes or Spotify:

Inside the episode:

  • Is testosterone a female hormone?
  • How does testosterone ease menopause symptoms?
  • How do we diagnose low levels of testosterone?
  • Do men suffer from low testosterone levels?
  • Can women access testosterone on the NHS?
  • Can testosterone benefit young women?
  • How does tablet estrogen affect our testosterone levels?
  • What is DHEA?
  • Why is compounded HRT not recommended?

Resources mentioned in the show:

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