Understanding HRT with Nick Panay

Is HRT safe? Can we take HRT forever? Should women with no menopausal symptoms take HRT to protect their long term health? Consultant gynaecologist and Secretary General of the International Menopause Society Mr Nick Panay spills the beans on this all-important treatment.

This is the second instalment in our five part podcast special in celebration of World Menopause Day.

You can stream the episode below, or download the recording via iTunes or Spotify:

Inside the episode:

  • Nick explains why he decided to specialise in women’s hormonal health
  • What causes early menopause?
  • What treatments are available for early menopause?
  • What are the first signs of early menopause?
  • Can we prevent menopause?
  • How has HRT prescribing changed over the years?
  • Does the type of HRT matter?
  • What is micronised progesterone?
  • Is HRT plant-based?
  • What role do GPs play in menopause care?
  • What are the benefits of taking HRT?
  • Can mindfulness and CBT help menopause symptoms?
  • Can alternative therapies help?
  • Does progesterone boost mood?
  • Can you buy HRT online?
  • What is the difference between bio-identical and body-identical HRT?
  • Is compounded HRT safer?
  • What is DHEA?
  • Can women with breast cancer take HRT?
  • Do women need testosterone?
  • Is there a case for taking HRT early?
  • Can we continue to take HRT forever?
  • Should women without symptoms take HRT?

Resources mentioned in the show:

The NICE menopause guidelines

The International Menopause Society

Hormone Health, Nick’s Harley Street clinic.

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