Minnie Samengo’s Yoga Challenge – a review

If you love yoga, but find it difficult to stay on track with a regular practice, the Yoga Challenge by Minnie Samengo could be for you. This 14-day schedule is the perfect way to get your body moving, calm your mind and form healthy habits.

Not sure if it’s for you? Read on to discover what happened when we took on the challenge.

How the Yoga Challenge by Minnie Samengo works

Opening our inbox on Monday morning, we were greeted with a run-down of what to expect from the upcoming challenge with a handy guide put together by Minnie. The schedule features something different each day – a strong Power Flow on Tuesday followed by a Yoga Sweat class on Wednesday immediately catch our eye.

Minnie has designed the classes to give you a well-rounded practice. Far from a fortnight of stretching, the challenge sees you strengthening and toning one day, practising low-impact cardio the next and enjoying slow recovery flows in between.

Among the physical yoga practice, Minnie also provides 10-minute meditations each day. These are perfect when you’re in need of a moment of calm. Mindfulness and meditation can easily drop to the bottom of the to-do list, so having this handy reminder is a great way to get into a routine.

What to expect from each class

Minnie’s Yoga Challenge works to support and strengthen your body all over, bringing balance to your workout. The majority of classes are aimed at all levels, meaning it’s a great opportunity for you to try yoga if you’re completely new to the practice.

Minnie’s Yin/Yang Revival Flow is the perfect wind down at the end of a busy day. Expect half an hour of flowing vinyasa yoga (moving from pose to pose with the breath), followed by some longer yin stretches to work into the deeper tissues. We feel soothed afterwards, all with the satisfaction of having completed a challenging workout.

The Power Flows are a favourite of ours. These creative and playful classes challenge you to try new poses – from arm balances to going upside down. There’s no pressure, with plenty of options for a practice that suits you. These classes are ideal if you’ve got a bit of yoga experience and are looking to take things to the next level.

This challenge wouldn’t be complete without Minnie’s famous Yoga Sweat classes. Created by Minnie, these classes use yoga-inspired poses to create a fun, low-impact cardio workout. As the name of the class suggests, you will sweat! An excellent way to lift your heart rate and build some stamina.

Plus, there’s plenty of opportunity to rest and reset. The Slow Flow/Recovery sessions are a welcome retreat after the more strengthening flows. Expect slow, flowing movement with an emphasis on the breath. Perfect for helping you to wind down and feel grounded.

Added bonuses

The great thing about Minnie’s classes is the flexibility (and no, we don’t mean touching your toes!). It’s no problem if a meeting or the school run prevents you from making a class one day. Minnie uploads each class into her online library for you to catch up later.

Ahead of the class, you’ll also receive an optional playlist that you can enjoy listening to via Spotify. We found this particularly useful during the challenging Power Flow and Yoga Sweat classes!

Plus, you’ll meet a great community of friendly folk from all over the world. Minnie is an incredibly warm and encouraging teacher, and you leave class feeling totally uplifted.

Try the Yoga Challenge at Minnie Samengo Yoga for £24.99.

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