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How to adapt your makeup routine for every age

As we age, our skin changes, and the products, formulas and colours we used in our 20s don’t work as well as they once did. Most of us modify our skincare routines to address the needs of our changing skin. It’s important that we adapt our makeup routines too.

Here, Grace Fodor, the founder of pro-age makeup range STUDIO10, explains the best products to choose to adapt your makeup routine through the years.

A makeup routine for every age

Genuine makeup tips and beauty products for older women are hard to find. As a result, many of us end up feeling uncatered for or stuck in a rut with our makeup.

That’s why I created the Studio10 range, specially formulated for women as we age. In our more mature years, applying makeup is about using products and techniques that even out the skin tone, add a healthy flush of colour and give a natural glow, while accentuating our natural features. So, here are my top tips for timeless makeup to take you through your 30s, 40s, 50s, 60s and beyond, helping you look and feel amazing whatever your age. Remember – true beauty is ageless!

Makeup in your 30s

Our 30s are great – we’re freed from the self-doubt and insecurity we might have experienced in our 20s, and we’re probably much more comfortable in our own skin. Most of us, however, begin to notice the first signs of ageing in our 30s. Collagen and elastin production start to slow down, resulting in subtle crow’s feet, dark circles and a sallower complexion.

So our focus should be on enlivening the skin and adding healthy, glowing colour. Our Plumping Blush Glow-plexion is the ultimate complexion pick-me-up. The perfect blend of warm orange undertones, brightening pink hues and light-reflecting pearl brightens lacklustre and dull skin with a healthy boost of colour and radiance.

Makeup in your 40s

In our 40s, skin starts to experience changes such as wrinkles, dryness and sagging around the neck, jawline and cheeks, due to hormonal imbalances and changes. Many of us find it difficult to navigate applying makeup when wrinkles start to appear.  The trick here is to apply a primer to your skin before your foundation, to even the texture of the skin and keep makeup products from settling into any lines.

I recommend our Youth Lift Glow-plexion, an all-in-one fool-proof product, enriched with a special blend of hyaluronic acid that helps to lock in moisture and hydrate the skin. Its smooth, creamy and glitter-free formula instantly minimises pores and evens out the complexion.
Once you’ve primed your skin, it’s time to cover up any imperfections you may have, such as blemishes and pigmentation. Over the years, our skin goes through a lot, so a cover-up is essential to achieve a flawless complexion. BB creams and mineral foundations can be great, but they often don’t provide the coverage we need for our more mature skin. That’s why I recommend a medium to full coverage foundation with hydrating properties to nourish the skin throughout the day.

Our Age Repair Perfect Canvas SPF30 Foundation perfectly evens out skin tone, covering pigmentation, dark circles and redness without looking cakey, meaning there’s no need for concealer. The colour-adjusting formula reflects light for a brighter, dewy-looking effect. The multilayer soft focus and optical diffusing pigments blend and buff seamlessly, giving a real-skin finish.

Makeup in your 50s

Entering our 50s, we may notice our lips start to lose their full shape. This is due to the depletion of collagen and a breakdown of the fat pads underneath the skin.

But while we can’t keep our lips from thinning, we can create a plumper pout by overlining slightly with a liner, topped with a gloss to add shine and definition.

Enriched with coconut oil, and antioxidant vitamins C and E to hydrate, condition and nourish lips, our Age Reverse Perfecting Lip Liner is the solution for fuller lips. Its ultra-creamy formula glides on effortlessly, for lasting, skin-true colour that’s universally wearable. Matte lipstick can age us prematurely. Consider choosing a slightly brighter colour with a touch of gloss to add shine and luminosity.

I like to finish with our Lip Perfecting Balm Gloss, for intense nourishment, protection and confidence-boosting colour, richness and volume.

One of the most commonly skipped but vital steps in any makeup routine is the eyebrows. The natural ageing process thins the hair on our bodies, so sparse-looking eyebrows can age our faces prematurely.  If you find that your brows are looking thinner than they used to, try using brow-defining products to instantly open up the eyes and frame the face.

Our Brow Lift Perfecting Brow Pencil is long-wearing and buildable, the unique ash-toned shade mimics hair, and adjusts for a true-to-you finish when you press a little firmer. It’s paired with the neutral-tone highlighter to add a soft, natural  lift to the brows.

Makeup for 60s+

As we reach 60, we might start to notice that our eyelashes don’t have the oomph they used to. This is caused by the same hair thinning that makes our brows look sparse. A good mascara will give you full, voluminous eyelashes. To apply, wiggle the brush from root to tip in a gentle zig-zag motion and repeat to build volume for ultra-lush lashes.

Our 6-in-1 Advanced Treatment Mascara combats thinning, lacklustre lashes by defining, lengthening, thickening, volumising and hydrating in one super-charged product.

Thanks to a revolutionary flat-angled upper brush, the mascara can be worked deep into the root of the lash, without the need for using curlers. The fine-comb brush defines and separates while reaching even the shortest bottom lashes without smudging.

SPF – perfect for every age!

The one last tip for every age – and you can’t start too young – is SPF! You ought to be wearing SPF at any age, but particularly as you get older, to avoid the appearance of dark spots and to prevent sun damage and skin cancers. Recent studies also show that sunscreen doesn’t just act as a preventative measure, it also helps to reverse the common signs of ageing, such as wrinkles and hyperpigmentation.

I recommend Heliocare Oil-Free Gel SPF50. This is an ultra-light formula that melts into the skin with a dry-touch, matte finish. It’s great for all skin types, including oily and combination complexions.

Ultimately, any colours, formulas and products that make you feel confident and the best version of yourself are always going to be the best ones for you, regardless of your age – but there’s always room to make some simple adjustments to switch up your makeup routine for mature skin.

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